The Great Awakening

My name is Sylvester Sergon from Kenya- a beautiful country in East Africa. I am 21 and my zodiac is cancer.

So much has been happening to me in the past few weeks and I am beginning to feel the awakening of my soul. Ever since I was young, I have been well connected to the nature and I believe that all things work for a common goal. I was born and raised in a small county called Baringo and is one of the counties in Kenya with the most breathtaking scenery.

Our home borders a tropical Forest and also with many hills, valleys and freshwater rivers in sight. Our county is also one of the few counties in The Great Rift Valley and it is easy to spot Lakes, hotsprings, spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

I am a Tugen which is a sub tribe of the Kalenjin. Kalenjin people are the renown world long distance athletes including Eliud Kipchoge, Paul Tergat, Ezekiel Kemboi and many countless more. If you want to know more about Kalenjin and athletics, you can google any marathon you have in mind and see the list of the top athletes whom you can’t miss.

Our people used to worship the sun ‘Asis’ until the introduction of christianity which I believe lead to the decline of traditional worship of Asis. The sun rises from the Tugen hills shinning Rays to the beautiful clear sky every day and with our people’s culture of Agroforestry, you just can’t imagine that green colour getting spread over the hills and the giant shadows across the valleys.

Although, we have a good old Tarmac Road, most of the other roads are Murram while others are simply paths which offer the best setup for athletes to train.

Away from my home, I am a young person who was raised in a humble background with my mum as a primary school teacher and my Dad a former Councillor for the area. I am writing about all these to form a basis to my introduction. Ever since I was young, I have been a dreamer and also intuitive.

I remember when I was 11years I dreamt about my brother’s house being broken into and for sure the next day the things which appeared to me on my dreams unfolded which I explained to my mother but she wrote off me and said I should pray more to cast the evil spirit in me.

This is not the only dream as I grew older, I had many countless more which most of them were haunting. The latest which hurt me is when my dad was admitted in hospital and was to undergo a third surgery. I remember waking up in the morning the following to contact my brother who was with him in the hospital but I could feel from my heart that he was no more. I was informed about his demise hours later but I felt that I had been revealed about it in the night.

When my dad was alive, he could tell me about stories of his political past and how he used to be one of the youth leaders of the ruling party in his early days. Then, I was a young boy in adolescence who probably wanted to live my youthful life. I didn’t listen to whatever he was saying as I continued enjoying my university life.

In 2018, one year after he passed on I got a calling, a calling to leadership. Something which I had never thought of it before. A Member of parliament to one of the constituencies succumbed to cancer. I did not think twice as I joined a party and vied in the by election. I was in my 3rd year at the university and I was the only unmarried(unwanted trait for leader) person in the midst of 3 other competitors one being a woman.

Of course I lost the elections but I came out of it like a winner. It became a source of inspiration to many young children and youth who afterwards I shared my life journey with. I graduated from the university with a degree in biology (2019) with 21 years and more importantly is that I was able to bring positive energy to all the students in my university (Nairobi) who are always known for fighting injustices.

Now, back to my journey of spiritual awakening. Throughout my university period, I’ve been a hard critic of religion and I had been spooking questions on the origins of religions. Though, I believed in a freedom of worship, I didn’t see a reason why our people were forced to adopt christianity and leave their God(asis) the Sun.

I just couldn’t find a reason why there were many churches built in my county than schools. Our people would follow everything like they were hoodwinked and they would most times act in pretense just to please the eyes of ‘God’s children’ but deep down most of them were people filled with jealousy and bitterness.

I was crowned as a man in line with our culture and tradition. During this transition I felt like this was now a moment to pause my life and just try and find my purpose. Many things happened over this period as I felt the need to find myself.

Earlier in the year 2020, I started getting interested with reading about astrology, horoscopes and Tarot. Weeks turned to months and It became a routine to keep updated daily. I found a hobby in reading and I started reading books and digging Deeper to satisfy my appetite for more information.

I started exercising, meditating and releasing bad energy from my life. I started loving the environment even more and I could see that things were now appearing sharper than before. I started seeing details and would find myself asking more and more deeper questions about life.

I started loving the sun, the moon and also to enjoy the clear sky in the night and even found myself exalting the sun. I read deeper on the horoscopes of my family members and my friends and one thing for sure is that it changed me and I appreciated more than complaining. I would get over setbacks with more ease now from the astrological predictions.

This opened a chapter in my life and I became more aware of my strengths and flaws and how best to apply them. I even extended this to some of my family members. Some found it cool, others otherwise but this didn’t deter me.

These past months have proven to be the best moments in my life as I no longer live with fear or guilt, I now speak up my mind over anything without fear as I feel that the truth had been hidden from us for long. I share these experiences through my writings to enlighten my people on the need to think and live outside our deeply brainwashed minds.

May the Creator of the Universe shine more light to our souls so that we can live according to his will and bring more beauty to those around us. I believe that is one of the purposes of life.

I have taken time to narrate briefly about myself and to add a disclaimer is that any views I held in this post were purely for the purpose of the story and that no offence was intended. I love you all.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!

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  1. Miguel Alvarez says:

    Hello Sylvester:

    This is Miguel Alvarez , a good friend of Dan Durett.

    Hope you are in good health and continue to be spiritually awakened, in touch your inner self and your quest for revelations and knowledge.
    I am very impressed by the deep search of your own being, as well as the world that surrounds you.
    Your narrative and self revelations are so open , candid and poetic that brings me to perceive your search of your own path as well as your contribution to your people and culture.
    As I read your words you have open a curtain into your life and dreams, your struggles and passion . A rather rare gift by a young writer and visionary!!
    Congratulations, and continue in your path and shear it with your readers

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sergie says:

      Hello Miguel,

      Mr Dan is a great friend to me as well as the leader in our organization. I am in good health, thank you for asking. I appreciate the kind comments. They are shining a ray of inspiration to my path.


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