The common Beekeeping Pests and Control

There are 8 common pests which are detrimental to the beefarming. They include the  Wax Moth, the Safari Ants, Hive Beetles, Pirate Wasps, Termites, Birds, Death Head’s Moth and Honey Badger. Here is the information on their threats and the ways of control.

The Wax Moth belongs to the family Pyralidae. They eat the honey combs and the weak colonies. They are moths which also feed on the larvae remains of honey bees. They are controlled by ensuring the colonies are strong through freezing the beehive frames.

The Safari Ants which are primarily found in the Central and East Africa eat the bees and their brood; larvae, egg and the pupae. They are controlled by keeping the grass below the hive always low. The hive’s hanging wires are also greased.

The Hive Beetle is a small beekeeping pest that is endemic to Sub-Saharan Africa. The Hive Beetle feeds on the pollen and also attack the new combs. They are controlled by using holes at the entrance in the place of slits.

The Pirate Wasps are species of airborne insects. They scare the bees, and this  prevents them from going out to feed. They are controlled by using a dish with water under the hive’s entrance to trap them.

The termites are are  insects of the order isoptera. They destroyed the wooden hives and combs. They are controlled by treating the hive woods, and greasing the hive’s hanging wires.

The birds that are entomophagous are threats to beekeeping. They eat the bees, and the brood also. They are  controlled by the use of scarecrows and the concealing of the brood combs.

The Death Head’s Moth are members of genus Aherontia. They eat the honey, and feed on the nectar. They are controlled by the use of holes instead of the normal slits for the entrance.

The Honey Badgers demage the hive. They also eat the brood and the combs. They are controlled by reinforcing the hive’s lid. The hive is hanged high enough above the ground.

With all the information on the threats of pests to bees which include the honey eating Wax Moth, Safari Ants, the Death’s Head Moth; other pests are the birds, pirate wasps, the termites and the honey badger. Their controls have also proven simple and ecologically friendly. 

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