Dear Arror Nation

Hon Sylvester Sergon is vying for MP position in Baringo North Constituency. He is vying on Republican Liberty Party as a second time MP Aspirant. His pillars are Truth, Justice and Equity and his manifesto is dubbed ETERNAL 7 including Education, Trade, Electricity, Roads, Natural resources, Agriculture and Lands. His slogan is Maendeleo kwa Wote. He is facing off with two male competitors who are at their later stages of life thus making him the youngest Aspirant with only 23years of age. Hon Sylvester Sergon is asking for your vote on August 9, 2022 to make his dream for a better Baringo North a reality.


Dear Baringo North,  I write to you this day with a heavy heart. My pain does not come from the just concluded nominations whatsoever. My pain is a cumulation of what we have witnessed in our Sub-county in the recent past; Blood has been flowing in Kerio Valley and Loruk without any effective intervention from our…

Champions have limits

The London Marathon delivered a bitter shocker to the Kenyans but instead of crucifying Kipchoge, here are the lessons we can learn from his defeat.

Why Imposing the Coronavirus full Lockdown in Kenya Irrelevant

The rise of the COVID19 infections in Kenya is a threat to The Kenyan State. Being one of the most developed in the continent, and with pugnacious citizens; COVID19 measures in Kenya need flexibility to adapt rather than impositions. Here is why a lockdown in Kenya is redundant; economic decline, people’s indeference, rising in house partying, theft, idleness, unemployment, teenage pregnancies, domestic violence, deaths, lifestyle diseases, starvation and gangs resurgence.