Why Imposing the Coronavirus full Lockdown in Kenya Irrelevant

The rise of the COVID19 infections in Kenya is a threat to The Kenyan State. Being one of the most developed in the continent, and with pugnacious citizens; COVID19 measures in Kenya need flexibility to adapt rather than impositions. Here is why a lockdown in Kenya is redundant; economic decline, people’s indeference, rising in house partying, theft, idleness, unemployment, teenage pregnancies, domestic violence, deaths, lifestyle diseases, starvation and gangs resurgence.

The Great Awakening

NamasteMy name is Sylvester Sergon from Kenya- a beautiful country in East Africa. I am 21 and my zodiac is cancer. So much has been happening to me in the past few weeks and I am beginning to feel the awakening of my soul. Ever since I was young, I have been well connected to…