Why Beekeeping is creating Buzz to The Farmers

The beekeeping is the rearing and breeding of honeybees for their products or as a hobby. This is an enterprise that has improved most of the rural livelihoods significantly in Kenya. This is now an industry thriving commercially for the past three decades; thereafter included in the Strategic paper, ‘Vision 2030’.

Honey production is one major contributor of GDP with figures above 4 billion Kenya Shillings. This is estimated roughly at 25,000 Metric tonnes yearly. Honey is a tip off the iceberg as there are more than just having products. These are the many benefits of this convenient farming enterprise.

The land required is little which does not always have to be fertile. The capital of kicking off the bee farm of your own is low. The comparison with counterpart ventures  like dairy or chicken proves way less.

Having beehives does not cause competition for the natural resources. Neither water nor soil fertility. The space and light also have little effect on beekeeping. These are the factors which always influence other conventional disciplines.

The labour required in beekeeping is low or rather cheap. The routine activities like the inspection and harvesting have long stretch of staggered time. This gives farmers time for other tasks.

The practice of beekeeping has for long promoted the conservation of the environment. This is because bees require the plants. Where bees guarantee income there is a trend of the trees cutting conservation with farmers.

The trees, plants and others like fruits and flowers depend on insects as for their pollination The bees are some of the most notable insect pollinators. The bees are thus playing the greater role in biodiversity when compared to other livestock, and this also boosts the crops yield as result.

There are more than ten products which are obtained from bees. They include; beeswax, honey, royal jelly, bee colonies, the Package bees, bee venom, the pollen, propolis,  and the bee brood, also lots more.

The products from all hives are therefore organic. The value of hive products also lies in the medicinal use. Apitherapy is the act of using hive products as the remedy of most ailments.

With all these benefits of beekeeping, and the importance to environment, this farming is no doubt the most sustainable when taken seriously.

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