Why Imposing the Coronavirus full Lockdown in Kenya Irrelevant

The upswing of the coronavirus infections in Kenya is an emerging threat to the state. Being one of the most developed in the continent, and with pugnacious citizens; COVID19 measures in Kenya need flexibility to adapt rather than impositions. Here is why a lockdown in Kenya is redundant.

The economy of the state is down, and the people don’t care about the virus. They will continue partying in the house as theft cases rise. The idleness in the unemployed majority which also with the increasing teenage pregnancies lead to the looming disaster.

The rate of domestic violence is rising, and the unexplained deaths upsurge. The lifestyle diseases have also been been on the radar, and with the danger of starvation. The reemergence of gangs in the young population has led to peddling of illicit drugs.

The economy is at the danger of decline as there is a high percentage of 36.1% living below the poverty line. With a lot of the companies having laid off the employees, and the banks also. The dependency ratio has been rising as the children are not in school thus burdening the daily budget.

The people don’t care about the coronavirus disease. They are simply going on with their daily errands as they would normally. The masks which are worn are not standardized, and the people are embracing them as fashion. The people are not fully informed, while in some cases, if they do are not responsible.

The cases of house partying is posing the challenge among the young people. They are mostly the students and with the introduction of the ‘Kazi mtaani’ initiative, it has reduced their inactivity. The indoor partying is hard to control thus the government should be ready to engage.

Theft and mugging crimes rates have been attributed to the staying indoors. The rising cases of cheating among the married couples, and the spread of the STD’s like HIV/Aids as the people fear going for testing in the hospitals.

There is inactivity within majority of the unemployed. This is becoming the challenge as the depression and mental diseases have risen. This has been due to the isolation caused by the lockdown. The cyber bullying, and sharing of pornographic contents among the internet users,  spamming and fraud has become out of hand.

There is increase in the teenage pregnancies. The maternity care unit is hereby facing the heat as the state spends more on the coronavirus. The increased connectivity to the social media among children, and without regulations has not been the best choice as they are exposed to the online exploitations.

The domestic violence in the society is sharply increasing. The families which are not stable or where involving step-parenting have the most cases. The isolation and the fear of the coronavirus has led to the underreporting of these cases.

There has been the rise of murders that are premeditated among the couples. The suicides have also risen thus posing a threat to the family ties. The previous partial lockdown has led to poor investigations of the cases.

With 2.5 million Kenyans facing the starvation in 2019, this number has risen threefold as the percentage of unemployment and the supply chains disruptions also. The movement of essential foodstuffs has been impacted negatively and the locust invasion spooking the state preparedness in tackling the food insecurity.

There is a reemergence of the gangs. This has been caused by all the idleness within the young population as they are not at school. The gangs have become the silent killer in the society hiding behind the shadows of coronavirus pandemic.

With all these cons of the partial lockdown as imposed previously including the declining economy, the rise in people’s indeference to COVID19, house partying, crime rates, idleness, teenage pregnancies, domestic violence, murders, mental and lifestyle diseases, starvation and the resurgence of gangs. This is clear that imposing the lockdown is equally irrelevant.

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  1. Edwin Ngetich says:

    We are past lockdown as the country!
    Thank you my brother and keep doing this its so informative.

    Liked by 1 person

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